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              ABOUT US

              Established in May 1998, Guilin Kefeng Machinery Gaoxin District Co., Ltd is a high-tech company incorporating research, development and manufacture of small agricultural machines and forestry machines, which has passed attestation of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. The company has a group of production management personnel and mechanic design personnel with reasonable knowledge structure, good training and rich experience. It can produce 100,000 sets of machines every year, and has established scaled production mode with independent intellectual property right of its products.

              Kefeng multi-function small-sized tilted reaper produced by Kefeng Machinery Co., Ltd enjoys leading position in the same type of product in China, and is a new product development item of Guangxi Science and Technology Office. With appraisal of Science and Technology Office of Autonomous Region, it has become development item of National Science & Technology Ministry, and obtained industrial outcome transforming fund issued by the country. The reaper was awarded with the title of first choice of Guangxi Agricultural Machine in Guangxi, also was awarded with “agricultural machine promotion permit certificate" after examined by Agricultural Machine Promotion Station. Through complete evaluation of authority institute of the country, it has been listed in the items of national torch plan, become name brand product in National Agricultural Exhibition, and owned several patents. With a large number of customers, it has established mature sales network at home and abroad.

              Experienced 10 years of tough endeavor in research, development and production, Kefeng Machinery Co., Ltd has always been adhering to the business conception of "being honest, pragmatic, innovative, sound and outstanding" and development conception of "quality decides future, surpassing itself continuously", adopting enterprise spirit of " self-strengthening constantly, struggling with no end, growing up dream, building future together", pursuing enterprise development principle of " quality the most importance, honesty, mutual benefit and developing jointly", abiding by the promise of "leading technology and superior service", and carrying forward positive attitude "ambition, determination, initiative, passion, affection, learning, self-confidence, self-discipline, pertinacity and persistence" among personnel.

              Kefeng people pursue their career with high passion and earnest attitude. By exploring new fields and business modes, they have opened a leading, soundly developing road to their venture. The company and personnel work together to create endless possibility. With exciting prospect of the company and sound promise, Kefeng Company has made significant innovations in the past years; with joint effort of staff, Kefeng has made today’’s achievement, and is looking forward to the brilliant future. Kefeng company and its staff will keep the pace of the world, the pace of the time, and write new chapter of Kefeng Machinery together.








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